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[ ap-uh-them ]

the perpendicular from the center of a regular polygon to one of the sides

About Us

Founded in December of 2000, Apothem® began consulting to the medical office technology field developing and implementing security solutions to meet the new HIPAA requirement of protecting data in transit and securing communications to ensure confidentiality of protected healthcare data.


Since then our mission has evolved into developing solutions and consulting for educational and childcare facilities, non-profit organizations serving at-risk youth, professional societies, and small to medium businesses focused on protecting our combined interests in government, defense, energy, intelligence, biometrics, transportation and homeland security.


Nearly twenty years later we continue to maintain our mission-first posture of serving our clients with ever developing expertise and broadening capabilities.  We serve those who serve through mission-first capabilities and expertise.

Vision Statement

To be the indispensable partner our clients rely on to achieve tactical goals and fulfill strategic visions.  Our purpose is to help our clients bring their products and services to new markets and strengthen and secure their positions in existing markets.

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